Student Art Judged by Gettysburg College Art Director

Sam Glavin ’22, Contributing Writer

On Friday, Feb. 21, the Arts Collective hosted a juried show in the Goodyear studios. The show featured many student-artists and was judged by local juror, Shannon Egan. There were a variety of different artworks from the artists on campus ranging from ceramics, watercolors, oil paintings and drawings, photographs and ink work. All works were displayed throughout the room with spotlight emphasis, with more emphasis on some works than others. It appeared that the paintings and drawings that lined the wall gained significantly more attention that the ceramic works that were held up on pedestals in the middle of the room.  

Of the works that received most attention, FaSade Fagoroye ’23 attracted significant audience attention. She had multiple works across the room that ranged from watercolors to simple ink pen works that drew many of the viewers. The first of her popular pieces was titled “Elevator four.” It pictured a demon like figure sitting at a table with a human figure in an elevator. Its details were prominent. This particular work always had about five to eight people staring at it for the entirety of this Trout Gallery Opening. The work itself was all black and white and the style was ink pen on paper. One visitor praised Fagoroye’s artwork, “The most impressive part of this particular work is the detailed crosshatching.” Crosshatching is a skill used often in ink works. Fagoroye also had another work that drew plenty of art lovers in the Goodyear Second Floor Studios. This one was a watercolor work titled “The Animals.” This work of art was starkly different than her black and white ink work. There were plenty of vibrant colors, much in contrast to her other featured and very popular piece. Fagoroye was unavailable for comments on her work and the viewers reactions.  

The exhibition will be displayed until Feb. 28 during the Goodyear studio viewing hours.