Dickinson Community Reacts to Senator Kamala Harris’ First Campaign Trip to Florida

Left to right: Doug Emhoff, a supporter, and Senator Harris


Deon Rosado, Staff Writer

Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, kicked off her first campaign trip to South Florida as Joe Biden’s running mate.    

After a chartered plane carrying the senator and her husband, Doug Emhoff, landed in South Florida, a Secret Service vehicle transported them to their first stop on the campaign trail. There, Harris began to get to know her voters at a restaurant named Amaize.

Next, Senator Harris and Emhoff took off to Miami Gardens. Upon arrival, she was greeted by the Florida Memorial University Marching Band, while remaining socially distanced and speaking into a megaphone.   

“You are truly the future of our country. You are the leaders who are going to encourage and push us to be our best selves.”    

Saul Torres-Nieto ’24 reflected on the campaign path Senator Harris has chosen to take and being in favour of her eagerness to capture the stories of ordinary Americans.   

“Senator Harris reminded people that they are and should be more immeasurable than what divides them, that Americans can produce anything,” said Torres-Nieto.   

Inside Florida Memorial University (FMU), Senator Harris, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, and Miami Shores Mayor Crystal Wagar voiced concern about a multitude of issues from health care and housing to social justice, economic inequities, and this COVID-19 pandemic.   

Senator Harris spoke of COVID-19 by calling out President Trump after videotapes surfaced of his interviews with Journalist  Bob Woodward during which the President acknowledged the uncertainties and seriousness of COVID-19 but had not disclosed the same sentiment to the American public.   

“This is the same man, Donald Trump, who for days, weeks, if not months thereafter, called it a hoax, and dismissed the seriousness of it to the point that he suggested that people should not wear masks,” said Senator Harris.  

In connection with this, Alvaro Munoz ’24 has expressed, “I believe Harris can be a great VP. She is invested in providing a safe path for U.S citizenship and focused on climate change. Which is important for states like California who are having outbreaks of wildfires.” 

Christina Nhan ’24 also said, “Kamala has shown that she is nothing but courageous and has inspired all women alike and people of color.”