MOB Event Series Carries On Despite “Zoom Burnout”

MOBx logo. Image courtesy of MOB.

MOBx logo. Image courtesy of MOB.

Claire Jeantheau '21, Staff Writer

MOB, Dickinson’s student programming board, has launched a new event series called MOBx—a series of collaborations with other student groups, hosted virtually on video call platforms like Zoom. Although attendance has varied when compared to typical in-person gatherings, the series has been successful in connecting MOB with other organizations on campus.  

The shift to online classes presented new challenges for student groups toreach members and develop online activities. Although the plan for the MOBx series did not come until the start of the online semester was announced, the group was looking for ways to partner with other clubs, according to MOB Weekend Events Chair Jewels Sebastianelli ‘23. 

“We thought it would be a great way to make the best of the situation and reach out to as many clubs as possible,” said Sebastianelli. “Since events would be virtual, we figured it would be easier to facilitate collaborations.” 

MOBx attendance has fluctuated—Sebastianelli described virtual turnout as “interesting.”Overall, attendance has been lower than at a typical MOB weekend event on campus.  

“I suspect Zoom burnout also contributes to smaller numbers,” Sebastianelli said. “Although turnout hasn’t been the best lately, if even one person outside of MOB shows up, we count it as a win. All of us love putting on events and creating a space for people to relax and have fun during these crazy times.” 

“People may be living in a different time zone which might prevent them from attending our events which tend to be at around 7 pm,” added Tanvi Kurup’23, another Weekend Events Chair. “Also, for those students who are working from home, due to certain obligations, they might be unable to attend as well.” 

However, there have still been successes. A “Speed Meet n’ Greet” event drew a record 40 participants on Zoom. The session was planned with first-years in mind to help new students get to know others and make friends. Other successful events have revolved around gaming and trivia.  

So far, MOBx has hosted events alongside a variety of Dickinson offices and student groups, including the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority; Strategies, Organization & Achievement Resources (SOAR); the Trout Gallery; and Gaming Club. Programming varies based on the co-host’s specialty. The session with SOAR taught participants how to create an organizational bullet journal, while assistants from the Trout Gallery led a drawing activity inspired by surrealism.  

“In planning our collaborative events, we really make sure that the club that we’re working with have the opportunity to share their ideas, in order to put on an event that is representative of their values and their mission statement, just as much as ours,” Kurup said.  The next MOBx event will be a Q&A with the Office of LGBTQ Services on October 10th, beginning at 7 p.m. EST. Upcoming MOBx collaborations and Zoom information for the remainder of the semester will be posted on the organization’s Instagram and EngageD pages.