First-years React to President Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis as They Complete Their First Semester Online

President Trump. Photo courtesy of

President Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis has raised questions regarding the severity of the virus. People around the country, including Dickinsonians, have voiced their differing opinions regarding the president’s diagnosis.  

Many people are indifferent towards President Trump’s diagnosis because he has continuously belittled the severity of it and refused to take proper precautions to prevent transmission. Others argue that he was doing the best that he could do in a situation this complicated and that all we can do is hope for a speedy recovery given his age and weight. 

Magnus Swimley’ 24 is unsympathetic towards President Trump’s diagnosis because of his disregard for the virus. Swimley said, “Not to be crude, but I find it a bit comedic, not in a sense of poetic irony or karmic retribution, but because it is just the result of his consistent refusal to listen to the experts even though he knows he ought to,”  Swimley continued and said,“It’s as though he threw a banana peel in front of his feet in that I can’t be expected not to laugh when he slips and falls on it.” 

Collin Arms’ 24 is more sympathetic towards President Trump. , “I figured he’d get it at some point just considering how contagious it is, people can debate a lot about the virus but the only thing that you can’t is that it’s probably one of the most contagious out there,” Arms said. “He does a lot of large events, so it was inevitable that he’d get it”

President Trump’s campaign for reelection is seemingly unaffected by this recent diagnosis. His supporters are completely confident in everything that comes out of his mouth and many of them are positive that COVID is a hoax or is not serious at all and is rather just being overdramatized by the democratic party. It’s highly unlikely that the virus will cause him to lose any support.  

When asked how Trump’s bid for reelection this year will be affected by his COVID diagnosis, Bella Rossi’ 24 said that overall, she does not believe it has majorly impacted her campaign.“The people that like Trump are going to revel in his supposed speedy and easy recovery. For people that don’t like him, they’re just annoyed he’s downplaying Corona.” 

Those who disagree with the president regarding the severity of the virus are fearful that his diagnosis and survival will make him a hero for overcoming it against all odds and if he perishes from the virus he will be known as a martyr to his supporters. 

Sophie Habecker’ 24 said, “While Trump has done a number of silly and unexplainable things regarding this virus, his supporters will use his COVID diagnosis to glorify him whether he lives or dies because if he lives, he’ll be considered invincible and strong and if he dies people will consider him a hero” 

Trump’s tweets in this time of uncertainty, confusion and even mourning for many people can be considered extremely insensitive. He continues to misuse his platform and people are frankly left confused by his tweets regarding the severity of the virus.

When asked about The President’s tweets regarding the severity of the virus, Collin Gaschen’ 24 says “The virus is severe, and in his tweets, he seems to downplay it. We’ll see how that turns out”