College Launches New Study Abroad Program in Washington, D.C.

Washington DC. Photo courtesy of

Lauren David '24, Guest Writer

Dickinson recently announced the launch of its new Dickinson in D.C. program, an opportunity for students to study abroad for a semester within the capital of the United States. This new program will replace the college’s partnership with the Washington Center program.

According to the Center of Global Study and Engagement (CGSE), this 15-week experience would offer Dickinson students “credit-bearing internships that support an array of academic and career interests” in partnership with CET Academic Programs, combined with globally focused courses taught by Dickinson professors alongside CET staff. Originally called “China Educational Tours,” CET is a study abroad organization that develops educational programs both domestically and abroad.

“We started planning in earnest during the spring 2020 semester,” says Samantha Brandauer ‘95, the director of CGSE. “With this timeline, it was very beneficial to have the support and knowledge of our excellent partner CET Academic Programs.”

The Dickinson in D.C. program will include opportunities to enroll in interdisciplinary core courses centered around themes like equity, engage in a liberal arts curriculum and explore Washington D.C. throughout the semester. In previous years, around 5-10 students typically enrolled in the Washington Center program each semester. Brandauer is optimistic this number will increase as there are more opportunities present for Dickinson students. 

“Through the internship and connected course students will participate in, observe and reflect on how these issues play out in the workplace, making them better prepared for their future careers,” says Brandauer. “I’m excited about how students who do this program will develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them mature into critical global citizens focused on creative solutions.”

Cara Doughtery ‘21 is an English and Political Science double major who participated in Dickinson’s Washington Center partner program during the Fall 2019 semester of her junior year. She spoke with The Dickinsonian about her experience and the opportunities this program provided. “I am so happy I went through with [the program] and have nothing but positive remarks about the entire program.” Doughtery stated. “I chose to enroll in this program because I had always been interested in a career in law. But, [when] I interned at a political consulting firm, I learned that a political science degree can carry me to more places beyond the legal field. I not only interned at this firm in Fall 2019, but also Summer and Fall 2020 and am currently working for the firm every day. I am so grateful for the connections that I have made and the professionals of whom I have met. I truly have no negatives.”

After learning about the Dickinson in D.C. program, Marina Stylianou ‘24 believes this program would be a valuable opportunity for students to consider in deciding where to go abroad. “The location in [Washington] D.C. is also beneficial since students have the opportunity to be surrounded by the environment of politics, global engagement, and activism,” Stylianou said.

Doughtery also spoke of how students from various institutions from across the country have the opportunity to enroll within the Washington Center program, with courses taught by professors from other colleges and universities. This creates the opportunity for Dickinson students to enroll in courses not specifically offered by Dickinson College, in addition to participating in various internship opportunities.

“I think that some students may assume that abroad programs, like TWC [The Washington Center], in Washington D.C. are for Political Science and Law and Policy majors only, but this is a misconception. The advisors at TWC help students match with an internship program that suits them and their unique fields of study,” Doughtery added. “My roommate from the University of Tampa, for example, was a Marketing major, and she was paired with an internship that fit her interests perfectly. I encourage students to apply to this new CET program as it seems to offer similar opportunities as TWC.”

More information about the Dickinson in D.C. program can be found through Dickinson’s Center of Global Study and Engagement, or through this link.