Hartman House Coffee Shop Closes After Customer Turnout of One


Photo courtesy of Saurya Tuladhar

Saurya Tuladhar '24, Guest Writer

The Hartman House coffee shop was one of the components of Dickinson College’s Spring 2021 reopening plan. However, the college sent an email announcing  its closure after just one month of operations.

Located just behind the Stern Center, the house is usually used for less formal meetings and receptions. The coffee shop was located on the ground floor, in the main room of the house. The shop served muffins and coffee for $2 each and only accepted cash.

Errol Huffman, Director of Dining Services, said that the decision to open the coffee shop stemmed from a conversation among the reopening teams about restricting food options to only on-campus students and faculty for health and safety purposes. “There were also faculty concerns regarding a place to obtain coffee or a morning muffin,” he added. 

The coffee shop was planned to operate for a month to determine its efficacy. Mr. Huffman said the coffee shop was advertised at campus walkways, the Kline, the Quarry, academic buildings, Dickinson Today, Administrative Faculty Reports, Spring 2021 reopening FAQs, Facebook and Instagram. However, the place yielded no interest and had to cease operations after one month of no sales. Only one student happened at the location over the course of a month and said the food was “very nice.” 

With the Quarry, the Biblio Café and the Hartman House coffee shop all ceasing operations, Mr. Huffman said there are still no other immediate plans to open similar eateries.