MOB Announces Virtual Concert

3OH!3 was selected to host a virtual concert for
Dickinson on Mar. 6.

3OH!3 was selected to host a virtual concert for Dickinson on Mar. 6.

Caro Carneiro '24, Associate Life & Style Editor

On February 24, MOB announced that their virtual spring concert on March 6th would feature the band 3OH!3


The performance will be live streamed to students via Zoom on March 6th, and screened at the Quarry for a limited number of attendees. 

MOB Concert Chair Anne-Charlotte Frotte ’23 and WDCV MOB Concert Chair Sophie Mahoney ’22 worked collaboratively on the preparations for the virtual concert. “I knew that regardless of whether it was on Zoom or in person, other people were also looking for that sense of normalcy,” said Frotte. “It’s almost a tradition that Dickinson brings a few artists every year, so it was something people wanted to be a part of even though it was on Zoom,” added Mahoney. 

Frotte and Mahoney agree that planning the concert was a valuable experience and one they are looking forward to sharing with the Dickinson community. “I learned a lot about putting on a concert, specifically a virtual one,” said Frotte. 

In preparation for the event, Frotte said, “We both brought a list of artists we were interested in, and then we took a look at each other’s lists and saw which ones overlapped.” She added that it was important to take into account the budget and what genre of music would work well in a virtual concert.