College to Continue to Offer Courses for Summer 2021

Dickinson will be offering 21 summer courses this year, compared to the 25 courses it offered during the summer of 2020.

Every summer, Dickinson offers a number of courses in a wide variety of disciplines for students to take in person with Dickinson Professors. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, classes last summer were held virtually and will be held virtually this summer as well. 

“summer classes are beneficial to students who may need to make up a course or two toward the 32 required to graduate, or for those who want to be able to focus on a single subject area,” said Assistant Provost Deb Bolen when asked who should be taking advantage of this opportunity. “Summer classes also provide the opportunity to take a course that interests a student which they may not be able to fit into their regular fall/spring schedule.”

While there are fewer classes than last summer, there is still a wide variety of courses that students will be able to benefit from taking.

“Each summer the courses vary based on what faculty are available to teach and what they choose to offer. This summer there are 21 different classes being offered from over a dozen different departments,” said Bolen.

Tuition varies based on the student’s enrollment status, age, and whether it is being taken for credit or being audited. Tuition for a current student taking a course for credit is $2,943 per tuition credit before financial aid. 

“Registration for summer courses should be done online through Banner Self-Service,” said Bolen. Students will be able to sign up for summer classes in the same way they would sign up for classes during the fall or spring semesters.

“There are slightly fewer classes being offered this summer than in Summer 2020, when 25 courses were on the schedule. You can find a list of which courses were offered last summer as well as this summer by using the Class Schedule Search function on Banner Self-Service,” said Bolen.

Class registration opened on March 1st and will be open until May 3rd for Dickinson students and April 16th for non-Dickinson students. The deadline is important for departments to be able to decide if they are able to hold the class or not because there is a minimum enrollment requirement to be able to offer a class. If the class is being offered, students will have until classes start on June 1st to enroll. Classes are taught for approximately 4 weeks. Final exams  will be held on July 6th.