Alum Launches Reynolds Leadership Scholar Program

On Sept. 27, Dickinson College announced that Jennifer Ward Reynolds ‘77 and her husband would be funding a scholarship by the name of “Reynolds Leadership Scholar Program” for students from around Maryland. Jennifer Ward Reynolds is a prominent philanthropist and businesswoman in Maryland and is a Dickinson Alumni who is actively engaged with the college community.

As with other scholarships, students who wish to apply will be required to fill out a separate application in order to be considered for the scholarship. Students must submit a 300 word essay along with the application by January 15th which coincides with the deadline for regular decision applications. The Scholarship will cover $160,000 in tuition over eight semesters at the college or any of Dickinson’s partner study abroad programs. The scholarship will be awarded to multiple students every year.

This scholarship will assist high achieving students who have demonstrated academic excellence and shown strong leadership qualities throughout their school years. It will allow many high achieving students to receive a college education without having to face the heavy financial burden that it may lead to. Students will also be given access to mentors from Maryland who are leaders in many different fields and future career opportunities as well as an annual dinner.

When asked how this scholarship would benefit students from Baltimore, Maritriny Galvez ’24 said “I believe the scholarship honestly is able to help students financially when it comes to seeking higher education. Especially for a private liberal arts college like Dickinson that is very expensive, the scholarship can facilitate the college decision as well as the stress of taking loans and being in debt”