Random Acts of Kindness Club Donut Giveaway

Carsten Boradbeck '25, Guest Writer

This past Sunday, Oct. 10, the Random Acts of Kindness Club (RAK) held a donut giveaway on Britton Plaza. The event was open to the Dickinson College community.

The Random Acts of Kindness Club was founded in 2015, and ever since has been involved in community building. The donut giveaway is characteristic of the events put on by RAK. “We wanted to make people’s day just a little sweeter,” said Stephanie Uroda ’23, president of the club.

“The mission of Random Acts of Kindness is to promote kindness and create a sense of community here on campus,” Uroda said. She hopes that doing so will encourage others to be kind in their everyday life. Uroda says that RAK will hold several different giveaways throughout the semester. These will occur before breaks, and will be open to students, faculty, and staff. These giveaways “make a positive difference on campus through small acts of Kindness.”

Anyone interested in participating in Random Acts of Kindness can attend biweekly meetings held by the club. These highlight ways to be kind toward different populations in the Dickinson College community.