Dining Services Student Workers Receive a Raise

Dining Services Student Workers Receive a Raise

Students working in dining services received a $0.15 per hour raise after several on campus organizations expressed their disappointment with the college’s treatment of student workers. 

In accordance with this email, students working in dining services received a $0.15 per hour raise that went into effect on Sept 26, 2021. This change made the student wage for the dining hall and Union Station $8.65 per hour before tax. Student workers were also promised that they could earn up to $200 in bonuses in return for staying on staff until the end of the fall semester.

The movement for better wages in    dining services was accompanied by a push for better wages for all student workers, many of whom are currently being paid less than $8 an hour. As of July 1, 2021 student wages were broken into 4 categories: 

Category A $7.50-$8.00

Category B $7.65-$8.15

Category C $7.90-$8.40

Category D $8.15-$8.65

On Oct 15, the president’s office also released an email detailing a string of other changes that will be happening around the college, including changing hours, UberEats vouchers for students, and food trucks that will be on campus during the weekends. Like many colleges across the nation, Dickinson is facing both supply chain issues and a hiring shortage, resulting in issues students have cited with the dining hall. Those issues include (but are not limited to) long lines, early closing of places like the Biblio Cafe and Union Station, and the use of Styrofoam and paper plates on the weekends.

Although students have indicated their appreciation of the gesture that the UberEats vouchers represent, some wonder why that money could not be used elsewhere. “It’s $150 for every student with a meal plan,” a student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I don’t understand why they would spend all this money on UberEats and food trucks when they could pay their workers more and fix the staffing issue at its roots.”

According to the President’s office, Dickinson is continuing to work to fix other dining hall problems. On Nov 3, the president’s office released an email stating: “We have engaged outside evaluators to review the bookstore and dining to make sure that we are working as efficiently and strategically as possible.”

Improvements in dining services here at Dickinson are in process. Students need to remember to be respectful of dining staff and recognize that they are trying their best.