Over 160 Dickinson Students Receive Booster Shots on Campus

Photo courtesy of Sadler Health Center website.

Photo courtesy of Sadler Health Center website.

Over 160 Dickinson students and employees received their COVID-19 booster shots before Thanksgiving break from a Sadler Health Center-run clinic in Allison Hall on Nov 16 and 18. The clinic supplied both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters to students, faculty, and staff.  

Laurel Spagnolo, Director of Development and Community Engagement at the Sadler Health Center stated how, “our providers feel that it is very important that everyone get vaccinated and get their booster shots…it’s particularly important in a campus setting like Dickinson’s because of communal living and being in class, being at the dining hall, or at activities. It is very important that everybody not only protect themselves, but those around them.”   

While many students and Dickinson employees were able to receive their shots during the Sadler Health clinics, many were not. Jordyn Case ’25 wanted to get her booster at the clinic, but when she attempted to register, “As soon as I clicked the link, all the spots were taken.” According to Spagnolo, there were no supply issues regarding the clinic, so she is unsure why students would have had trouble signing up. 

Other students, like Michael Wymer ’25, were not yet eligible for their booster shots, which must be received at least 6 months after the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or at least 2 months after the initial dose of Johnson & Johnson. These students may still be able to get their booster shots on campus if demand is high enough. Spagnolo noted that “if more clinics are requested [by Dickinson College], we will certainly try to provide them.” 

In the meantime, if students were not able to sign up for the on-campus clinics, the Sadler Health Center also offers booster shots by appointment at their location on Hanover Street. Spagnolo stated how, “There is a Green COVID-19 banner across the top of the website. If you click on that, there is a section for scheduling appointments.” The center is not currently taking walk-ins.

In addition to COVID-19 booster shots, Spagnolo recommends that students receive a flu vaccine. She says, “We just want to encourage everybody to get the vaccines, get your booster, and get your flu shot.” Sadler also offers appointments to receive the flu vaccine, but they are only scheduling appointments by phone at 717-218-6670.