Union Station Online Ordering Poses Significant Issues for Students

After an extremely academically demanding day, many students wish to pick up food from The Union Station (known as the “Snar” among students) and unwind in the comfort of their own dorm rooms. Oftentimes this is impossible due to the variety of difficulties that students face with online ordering.

The system is designed to allow students to order their meals through the Union Station’s website and choose a date and time when they wish to pick it up. 

“Sometimes I don’t receive a verification code immediately after trying to login to the online ordering website and have to wait upwards of 20 minutes, because of this I sometimes end up not being able to order for the time that I want to,” said Abhik Shresta’ 25.

Previously, students were also able to order food through the kiosks in front of Union Station, but the kiosks have been out of service since around the third week of school. As a result, the complicated online ordering system is the only way for students to spend their meal points or Any20 swipes on full meals other than through the dining hall. This has proven to be a challenge for students to get food due the technical difficulties that they face from ordering through their phones or laptops.

“There are times when I’m hungry and decide to order food from The Union Station after the dining hall closes, but am not able to because there are no slots left for any of the time periods until Union Station closes” said Karuna Gauchan’ 24. “Because of this I have to spend extra money at Deli Q or a restaurant in town even though I am already spending a significant amount of money on a meal plan.”

Since the closing of The Quarry, which has now been converted into a multipurpose space for students, many students at Dickinson continue to face difficulties regarding food options, despite the large sum of money that they spend on meal plans each semester.