Arson in Carlisle

A fire broke out at the Carlisle Walmart toy aisle, says ABC17. Carlisle Borough Fire Chief Randy O’ Donnell states that although fire trucks appeared on the scene, the fire was primarily extinguished by Walmart employees and private citizens.

Two people were reportedly injured in the blaze, with one victim being sent to Carlisle Hospital and the other being released at the scene. The Carlisle Fire Department also claims that those injuries were a result of a lack of evacuation on the part of shoppers and workers at the beginning of the fire.

A video of the incident on FOX43 shows flames emerging from the top of a shelf. Onlookers were taking videos and on the phone, with only a couple people moving to exit the area. Several other people were moving to put out the fire with the use of extinguishers.

The fire department has since announced that they would be investigating this incident under the presumption of arson. Since then, a minor has been charged with the act.

The next day a sign hung in the windows of Walmart stating its closure and wishing for understanding on the part of the consumer. Gregory Kintzele ‘25 did not realize it had been closed and was turned away at the door, “I was surprised it was really closed,” he said, “I didn’t realize the fire was that bad.”

Walmart is a common grocery store for many Dickinson students and its day-long closure created a slight disturbance in student life. To counter the lack of accessibility to Walmart  Dickinson announced the addition of shuttle’s to Giant for the duration of Walmart’s closure on Friday, Feb 18.

Although the incident caused a disruption not only at the Walmart but with students on campus, the toy department has now been rebuilt and the shuttles have returned to their normal route.