Denim Coffee and the New Quarry


Dickinson College is working on opening a new dining option for students in the Quarry. In Collaboration with Denim Coffee, a local coffee shop in Carlisle, the Quarry is being renovated and repurposed as a cafe space before the end of this semester. 

Before 2020, the Quarry served as another dining location where students could purchase coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. Errol Huffman, Director of Dining Services, said in an interview that “Student Life and administration were pushing for more student lounge space options and opted to close the Quarry to repurpose it as a study area.” Last year, the Quarry saw little use by student organizations, prompting the school administration, dining services, and campus life to find  another use for the space. The college began talks with Matt Ramsay, the owner and founder of Denim Coffee, and decided to collaborate to provide a new food option for students.

The new Quarry will function as a Denim Coffee shop, existing almost entirely separately from dining services. However, students will be able to use Flex Plans, Any 20, and Any 15 meal plans to purchase items at the Quarry. While the specific details are still being worked out, Huffman stated that “students using Any 20 or Any 15 should expect to be able to purchase a coffee and sandwich with one swipe and if you are using the Flex plan, you will be able to buy a la carte items.” Denim is looking to offer coffee, espresso, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries to students in a streamlined menu. 

While hours for the newly-revamped Quarry have not been finalized, Ramsay is looking to open the store Monday-Friday with potential hours from 7 am to 3 pm, although this may change. Huffman said that Ramsay “wants to open with modest hours to combat staff shortages,” which has been a pressing issue for both the Dining Hall and Denim Coffee. If the Quarry does not experience staff shortages, it is likely the hours will expand into the evening.  

The hiring process will entirely be held by Denim Coffee. Dining Services will not have involvement in the hiring of students to work at the Quarry.  Huffman said that “first-year students looking for student employment opportunities should still look towards traditional dining services.”