Congressional Nominee Daniels Praises “Young Folks” From Dickinson at Fundraiser


Group photo at the Shamaine Daniels fundraiser, including members of Dickinson College Democrats (Photo Courtesy of Walker Kmetz ’25)

The Democratic Committee of Cumberland County held a fundraiser last week in a final attempt to secure votes for Shamaine Daniels, the democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district. PA-10 consists of the whole of Dauphin County along with parts of Cumberland and York County.

The fundraiser, hosted by Rick Coplen, a member of the Carlisle Area School District Board of Directors and an active member of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, was held in his historic barn that was built in 1736 and remained nearly untouched following the 1863 Battle of Carlisle. Coplen tied the history of the site into the current election cycle, saying, “we all know that the confederates were on the wrong side of history as is Scott Perry, Doug Mastriano, Dr. Oz and Donald Trump”.

The event spanned two hours and included live music by Sudden Bossa, refreshments, hors d’oeuvre, and speeches from both Coplen and Daniels. The fundraiser successfully raised 8,200 dollars for Daniels’ campaign. Members of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee along with local Democrats, high school students and college students were present at the event. 

Shamaine Daniels was elected to the Harrisburg City Council in 2013, and is currently serving her third term. She said she has been an advocate for affordable housing and small businesses. In addition to her political career, she has been an attorney for nearly 20 years, spending the first half working in both civil rights and unemployment and the second half doing immigration work.

As the November 8 election looms closer, the College Democrats, who were in attendance at the event, continue to attempt to secure votes for democratic candidates.

“I loved seeing so many students come up from Dickinson today. We know that this is about voter turnouts, and having young folks turn out will make or break this election.” said Daniels.

Also in attendance at the event were Jim Massey, nominee for the 34th State Senate District, Alan Howe, Nominee for 199th State House District, Kristal Markle, nominee for 87th State House District and Dan Almoney, nominee for 92nd State House District.

Those who have not registered, but plan to register may do so until Oct. 24. Students who are planning to vote in-person in Cumberland County on Nov. 8 can vote at Bosler Library, which is located on W. High St across from Denny Hall.