WDCV Community DJs to Attempt Guinness World Record


Chuck “Capital C” Adler freestyle rapping during his show, “The Capital C Show” (Photo Courtesy of Walker Kmetz ’25)

Two community DJs for WDCV, Chuck “Capital C” Adler and James “Flesh ‘n Bones” Adler, who host “The Capital C Show” will be attempting the world’s longest freestyle team rap. The duo recently received approval from Guinness World Records to attempt to beat the record.

This attempt will be a team effort with the hosts of “The Capital C Show” and four other guests. The team will be doing a marathon, which Chuck Adler described as being “24 hours or more, and no one has set the mark yet.”

The previous world record, which was not a marathon, was set by the KJ52 Freestyle Team from Florida in 2014, which clocked in at 12 hours and two minutes. The Capital C Show are currently unofficial record holders, as they attempted this in February 2022 and made it to 13 and a half hours. However, due to only having four out of six participants, they did not qualify for the 24-hour marathon.

The rules for the record require the attempt to be public, with individuals being allowed to watch for up to four hours. They hope to host it locally in Carlisle, with the Carlisle Theatre being a possible venue.

While they do not have a set date yet, Capital C said they are “pretty stacked, and ready to rap.” The record attempt must be completed within a year of the beginning of the application process, which gives them nine months to do it. They hope to complete the event in February 2023. If successful, they hope to hang their plaque in the WDCV station.

The duo hopes that they can incorporate a fundraiser for the event in addition to beating the world record. Any suggestions for groups or causes to support at the event can be sent to Chuck Adler at [email protected].

During “The Capital C Show,” the hosts talk with their audience on Facebook, and use their suggestions or other topics to spur on freestyle raps. They can be found on WDCV’s website on the “Listen Online” button or any local radio on 88.3 FM every Thursday, 6-8 p.m.