The MOB: See It to Believe It?

Tayyaba Jadoon ’26, Staff Writer

One of the many things that Covid impacted on Dickinson’s campus was the MOB. MOB, is the student event group sponsored by Student Senate, which hosts the student body in diverse, interactive and fun events. 

This year, however, a large number of first-years are unaware of MOB’s presence on campus. There have been fewer advertisements and less publicity for MOB events this year compared to previous years. 

This gap in communication between the organization and the student body has been raising questions as to whether the organization is even arranging events this year and why there’s no active advertisement for MOB events. Previously MOB events generated lots of attention and were a way to engage in social events on campus, but this lack of communication has left fewer social gathering options for this year. 

The executive board of MOB told The Dickinsonian there have been member disruptions as a result of the pandemic. They have been working on reviving the old structure of the organization. MOB is led by an 11-member elected executive board, each of whom are delegated different areas of the event-planning process to work on. Due to COVID, it became almost logistically impossible to execute events on campus. This hiatus in executing events on campus also caused disruptions to MOB’s marketing, which the organization is now focused on restoring and improving. 

The executive board also told The Dickinsonian that they plan on honing their advertisement further so that the student body is aware of the diverse events taking place on, and sometimes off, campus. Plans for this include more email and social media communication, as well as posters around campus.