Red Devil Roundup: Dickinson’s Very Own Sportscenter


This February, Red Devil Sports Network (RDSN) unveiled its newest form of entertainment, the Red Devil Roundup Show. Since 2013, RDSN has been a student-run organization with the purpose of covering Dickinson Athletics. While the network has served that purpose in the past, it has added a new angle this year.

RDSN President Clayton Holbrook ’23 began by working as a broadcaster for the network, then worked his way up to treasurer, before leading the club in the 2022-23 academic year. Holbrook is especially known for his work behind the camera as RSDN’s lead videographer. He said that the inspiration for the new show came from his passion for storytelling.

“We wanted to create a show that would give Red Devil fans a look at what’s happening in athletics,” he said. “By highlighting the big stories from each active sport, we’re able to create a short and entertaining show that is informative for fans and viewers around the country.” 

Clayton’s goals for the show are to grow the audience and interest for Dickinson Athletics, while providing more insight for each sport and its athletes.

“We definitely want to bring in a bigger audience and improve the quality of content. With only one episode out, the feedback is incredibly positive, and it’s extremely encouraging,” he said. “We want to do top plays from the week, mic up players during practices and show some of that footage, more interviews with coaches and players, a sport-swap segment where athletes try different sports and many other ideas.”

The RDSN Instagram,, has seen substantial success in their post-game interviews with players, amassing over 10,000 total views since the interviews began in November. 

While the show has been a success, Clayton admitted starting it was not easy. “I think the hardest thing about this show was getting it off the ground. Getting it from an idea in a notebook to an edited, five minute show that gets posted online took a little bit of time. Now that we’ve got it down, we’re going to keep the momentum going!”

He was adamant that the network could produce a professional quality show. “Students can expect an informative and entertaining show with lively segments and professional quality journalism. I’m looking forward to seeing where this show takes us!” he said. 

The second episode of Red Devil Roundup will air this weekend.