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Student Senate Updates

An Overview Of The Financial Distribution For Clubs:

Every year, the Student Senate goes through a budgeting process in the spring. There are three readings in this process, the final reading decides how much money is allocated to each club. Money that is not used goes back into the reserves and is reallocated the following year. 

This year’s budget for non-sports clubs is $45,000. Additionally, the budget for special events/special projects was reduced last year, the budget is now $1,000. 

The Student Senate is not currently accepting reallocations for clubs because they do not have a senate bookkeeper. Getting a bookkeeper will surely make the process of financial distribution smoother. They will likely be appointing a bookkeeper this fall.

Every Senate-funded club has two different accounts. An O4 account is allocated from the Senate’s budget, if a club does not use this money, it goes back into reserves. An 06 account is the funds raised by a particular club in the form of alumni donations, fundraisers, club dues, etc. Not every student club gets a budget from senate, but every club has the opportunity to open an 06 account. 04 accounts are reserved for certain clubs, and the money from an 04 account can only be used for certain things. For example, t-shirts and stickers are bought with an 06 account. 


Vacant Positions On Senate:

  • P&B planning and budget
    • One spot vacant
    • Oversees Financial Distribution
    • Has a say in why some organizations get more money than others
  • ITSC 
    • Two spots vacant
    • Helps maintain reliable information sites such as Helpdesk, user services, Moodle gateway, etc. 
  • Both of these positions will be filled in the upcoming weeks by current members of the senate


Athletic Involvement for Non-athletes:

Senate is currently brainstorming ways to advertise school sporting events, particularly ways to incentivize the attendance of non-athletes. Some ideas include having the Red Devil mascot appear at more events, having food trucks at events, free and reliable transportation to and from away games, having student organizations perform during half-time or having them sing the national anthem, having fun themes for games that people will want to dress up for, and dedicating a student section with a student section leader/leaders that will create chants and cheers. Senate is also trying to encourage students to post more on social media about the games to increase attendance.

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