Letter from the Editor: Paying Our Dues

Matthew Korb '14, Editor-in-Chief

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Last week, for my Letter to the Editor, I spoke about the newspaper stretching its reach beyond the Dicinson Campus and into Carlisle. And, while I hate to recycle a topic, I do want to re-visit it this week.

On February 20, Dickinson College donated $75,000 to the Carlisle Theater’s Revitalization Campaign. The money for this donation was drawn, according to Assistant Director of Media Relations Christine Baski, from an “unrestricted reserve.” If you’re interested in more information, we have an article on the front page with more information.

The donation, which helped put the campaign on track for its $540,000 goal, was driven by a desire to help better the town of Carlisle.

“The theater contributes to a thriving downtown,” said Assistant Director of Media Relations Christine Baski, in an article this week covering a recent donation of money to the local Carlisle Theater. “It attracts crowds from college and from the Carlisle community, its success is important to nearby businesses and restaurants… We’re proud to be a leader in pledging support for the [campaign].”

Now, many people would argue that this shady donation from an “unrestricted reserve” isn’t a wise use of Dickinson’s money.

Most, if not all, of the people I’ve spoken to about this donation express some form of the same sentiment: is this really what my tuition money should be going to?

Yes and no. No, your tuition money isn’t going to the donation, first and foremost. And yes, your money should be going to this project.

Like with the shifting focus of the newspaper, expansion of the college’s involvement nearby Carlisle can only benefit its students and faculty. The college’s health, both mentally and financially, is just as much tied in with Carlisle as Carlisle is with us.

Spending a little bit of money in making our neighboring town happy is an intelligent. Beyond increasing the value of Dickinson by increasing the value of our neighbors, its what any good member of a community would do.