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I believe in the power of acknowledgement. I believe we do things with a subconciousness mindset to be recognized and validated by others.

I believe that Marina Abramovic got it right in showing us what true acknowledgement is and what it does for us.

From March 14 to May 31, 2010, performance artist Abramovic sat in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for a total of 736 hours and 30 minutes, silent and motionless in front of a wooden table. Across from her was an empty seat that invited any of the museum goers a chance to sit and gaze into the eyes of what many people call “the grandmother of performing arts.”

Abramovic sought to recognize as many people as she could in the fullest capacity possible for her. I think that many people were shocked-   they could never have expected to be validated by such an incredible person.

I believe that Marina Abramovic got it right since she not only knows what people need, but actually acted upon it. Sure, some may think that in her performance people were merely looked at, but I believe it is something a bit more than that. I think that the fact that Abramovic acknowledged peoples’ existence was something different and noteworthy.

And to some extent, in order for Abramovic to be where she is now, her performances must have been received and recognized by the people that came to see her.

That being said, I think that we all strive to appeal to the world around us.

And while we’re on the subject, I believe that one more person got it right- Oprah Winfrey, a talkshow host who has validated so many people by telling them that their job, influence, production, volunteering and sacrifice was worth their time.