Letter from the Editor

Our Evolving School

Let’s reflect on the changes of this year.


In the last six months we’ve seen Students for Sustainable Drug Policy, Reinvest Dickinson, Idea Fund and other groups increase their involvement on campus. They’ve been handing out fliers, putting up squares of orange and running out new ideas to try and improve our community. We’ve also seen a few new groups and initiatives kicking around, with goals as varied as investigating how the college uses space or discussing environmentalism and racism.


We’re a busy little school when it comes to re-evaluating ourselves and working to make changes.


Now, a certain degree of campus-mindedness is to be expected for small schools like Dickinson. But awareness of the norm does not mean the norm cannot be praised.

It should be lauded that there are students on this campus who are not content with the status quo. Who prod and poke and try to find changes and faults in the administration.And, after finding these faults, take active steps to –at the very least attempt change.


And the administration, even one so in its infancy, should be lauded as well for its work. President

Roseman and her administration have not rested completely on the work of their predecessors. The college is always scrutinizing itself and, while we students may not always agree with the decisions they make, we can respect them for the attempt.


This past year we have seen some large changes to the school. New buildings. New events. New surveys and initiatives. The school is -if not improving- then at least evolving.


And that is great. Though Dickinson is a superb school, it is not without fault. Listen to a student talk for longer than a few minutes and you’ll hear a litany of minor gripes and annoyances. You yourself, I am sure, have your own list of grievances.


Do not be satisfied with the faults. If you see something that you think should change, then step up and try to change it.