Effect of First-Year Seminar

Letter from the Editor

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I was in a learning community for my first-year seminar. It’s weird to think about, four years later, that my First-Year Seminar was my first class in college, especially as my last year is ending.

It’s even weirder to think about the different directions me and the people I lived with on my floor (Shout out to Drayer Third Floor) have gone in. It’s kind of sad and kind of cool, in a way, how people are brought together by a first-year seminar and then splinter off into all different directions.

My first-year seminar was Alternate Realities of a Dystopian Future, and the corresponding one for our learning community was Environmental Apocalypse and the End of the World—yes, I was really cool as a first-year, clearly.

Five of the people I lived with transferred or left school; two of the people on my floor graduated early, and most of the rest have drifted off to their respective corners of the school.

I know that this is a fairly common occurrence, and some might say that my floor actually has a lot of overlap from first year to senior year. But I think it’s cool that we were all brought together by this one class, and that we all lived together for a year, and now have such diverse academic and social interests. Cheers to you, first-year seminar.