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Something Doesn’t Add Up: Printing Money

Silvana Alarcon ‘18, Guest Writer

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When we write papers, it’s not just one and done. We have to write an annotated bibliography for quite a few resources, which adds up to a number of pages very quickly.

We have to print out the first draft and bring it to class for peer editing or just prove that we have done something. Then we have to edit and print out another draft for the Writing Center. Then we have to edit and print out the final draft, which contains the most pages out of the whole process. Keep in mind everything is double-spaced!

I understand that not every major prints a lot, but there are majors that require a ton of printing! For example, there are American studies, creative writing, English, history, Africana studies, and more. Professors don’t realize that we have other classes we need printing money for.

A great solution would be for the professors to count how many students in their class want a printed reading, and then print that amount for all the mandatory readings, and bring them to class for the students to take and read for the class that it’s due. Simple. Professors get free printing and all they do is post on Moodle. It’s inconvenient that some professors require every reading to be printed for their class. Those professors especially should be printing for the students.

Also, it’s a good thing that students are involved on campus and need to print their flyers.

Events are what build a community, and we need flyers as a factor of promoting the events. Sure, we can use social media, but not everyone has that and we want to be able to include the entire campus.

To sum things up, college students are broke and cannot afford to buy more printing money, especially when the professors have free printing.

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Something Doesn’t Add Up: Printing Money