A Reflection: Are We Living in an Age With Too Much Technology?

Kristina Rodriguez ’19, Opinion Editor

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We live in an age of technology. Technology controls and directs a great portion of our lives. Has technology brought us closer together by being able to connect people from all over the world? Or has it created a greater distance between us when we use it to fill the silences or gaps in our conversations rather than come up with new topics? Technology can sometimes seem like a vast and intimidating thing.

One current example is this shift to online dating. I don’t know if it is still a popular thing, I guess so because there are still plenty of Catfish episodes on MTV, but I remember when apps like Tinder were what everyone was using to get to know new people, hook-up, date, etcetera not too long ago. People have the opportunity to meet, talk and connect to different people through these online forums. It’s easy, but then again it’s not because it can be scary to plan to meet with someone that you don’t know and have never met in person before. Not to mention, the fears that arise when one watches Catfish and every online interaction somehow feels fake, or at least raises suspicions in one’s mind.

The generation that didn’t grow up with an iPhone in their hand when they were trying to learn their ABCs seem a bit judgemental and skeptical of our current dependency on technology to do things, like meet people.

Is our demand for technology excessive? Perhaps. But I do think there is value and real legitimate connections that can be made through the many systems and forums accessible to us. I think it depends on the how we choose to use them. We get what we seek out.