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Awesome Professors at Dickinson

Connor Moore ’18, Sports Editor

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Lately there has been a great deal of negativity surrounding the faculty here at Dickinson. Students have railed against the faculty for their rejection of the Student Senates proposal to repeal the physical education requirement and for conducting themselves in an arrogant manner in and out of class. I know, as a student, that many things that the faculty as a whole and even as individuals can make us feel impotent and ignored. However valid these accusations and criticisms may be, I think that the faculty deserve far more cheers than jeers for their contributions to this institution.

Having taken a wide variety of courses, I can honestly say that there is a plethora of faculty across all departments at Dickinson that are stellar, world-class educators that anyone should feel privileged to have received. Thanks in no small part to the inspirational and supportive professors, I have been afforded academic and professional opportunities that I am confident I would not have had had I attended a college without a group of instructors of the caliber that Dickinson employs. Aside from academics, faculty members often support students in spearheading projects outside of the classroom and serve as advisors to student organizations.

I do not mean to scold my fellow students as if they are ungrateful or blindly praise faculty members as if they are without fault. However, I can say for certain that I would not be the person that I am today without the experiences I’ve had over my four years at Dickinson, which I owe in part to its faculty. I think all students should take some time to reflect on the positive aspects of their education at Dickinson and how valuable their experiences with their professors have been, whether inside or outside the classroom.

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Awesome Professors at Dickinson