Why the Dining Hall is the Best Place to Eat on Campus

Shane Shuma  ’22 , Guest Writer

At Dickinson there are many options for students when they get hungry. The Snar, the Dining Hall, the Quarry and the Underground are all great places to eat, but the Dining Hall is the best by far. The variety at the hall is unparalleled, and I am never disappointed by the selection. If, in the rare case I want something different than what is offered to me, I can simply use the many different ingredients and offerings around to make my own creation. If I want a ham, Nutella, and frozen yogurt quesadilla, I can have it. The lack of restrictions on refills and portions means I never leave the hall hungry or thirsty. 

Another reason I love the hall is that while there is plenty of quantity, the quality is far from lacking. The patty melt I had last Friday was grilled to perfection, and reminded me of Texas, my home. Whenever they serve ravioli, my mouth instantly waters, and I never leave without stopping at the frozen yogurt machine. I am always surprised everyday by just how good the food I am having there really is. I have eaten at many college cafeterias, especially during the application process, and I can honestly say that the dining hall at Dickinson is the best by far, both in terms of presentation and the food.

A common reason why people prefer to eat outside the hall is that it is too loud if they want to eat and study at the same time. While I agree the hall’s environment is not conducive to a peaceful self-study environment, it is a great place to study with friends. You can gather around and talk with your study partners without having to worry about being too loud or being cramped in a tight space. There are other places for groups to study, but the combination of easy access to food and the removal of restrictions found in other study places makes it the best. 

Whether I want to grab a quick bite to eat, have a nice meal with friends, or simply splurge on frozen yogurt, I can always rely on the hall. Going there is one of the highlights of my day, and after stopping there I always feel invigorated and full of energy that propels me for the rest of the day. While I know most people eat at the hall most of the time, I would like to invite those who prefer to eat elsewhere to give it another look. It may not sound like it, but I do occasionally eat at other places on campus, so I am certainly not saying that food is not good elsewhere or that the hall is the only great place to eat, but it is the best. The hall is one of my favorite places on campus, and Dickinson wouldn’t be the same without it.