NYT Anonymous Article: Why it’s Important

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Guest Writer

On Sept. 5, an opinion article was released by the New York Times. The piece, which was by an anonymous writer claiming to be one of President Trump’s senior officials, has sparked outrage from both the White House and the president himself. 

In the article, the senior official reveals that he is a conservative and does agree with some of Trump’s views. However, due to Trump’s “amorality” and his “little affinity for ideals” of conservatives, the official, along with several others within the Trump administration, have decided to band together to destroy parts of his relentless agenda.  

It’s not that often that the New York Times, one of America’s most recognized publications, publishes an anonymous article, especially from someone inside the Trump administration. So why is this article so important? 

First off, it provides the American population with a first-hand account that hasn’t really been seen before. Most people would agree that Trump has gone far beyond his reaches as president. He acts child-like and even has the audacity to deny that the figures of losses from Hurricane Maria were a lie made to twist his image. His personality mirrors exactly that of when he was on “Celebrity Apprentice.” He acts like American politics is a show, when our country is so much more than that. 

Also, the story is fleshed out in a way where the readers feel every fiber of emotion that the writer has about the topic. It lets the readers, as well, to evaluate the situation for themselves. Is the rebellion from inside the walls of the White House the best thing that this country needs? 

Yes and no. This coup can finally be the pushing point to get the president out of the Oval Office. However, it’s important to note what coups have done to other countries in the past. Like that of Napoleon Bonaparte, it can lead to destruction not only in our country, but with others as well. How would our relations with other countries shift if they discovered that our country was ripping itself apart from the inside out? 

When taking in other things regarding the president, it seems that we may not be a coup in the first place. Michael Cohen pleading guilty in eight criminal counts is the first step in stopping the president, and some say that this could be the start of the right grounds to get him impeached.  

Either way, the anonymous article helps to shed light on how the lack of a proper leader has caused our country to crumble beneath us.