Talk Dirty to me: Tales of the New Swipe-Free Laundry System

Marcus Witherspoon ’20, Opinion Columnist

So the new laundry system is…something. Quite frankly, I am disappointed and confused. 

I don’t understand how we have less allocated money this year than last year while also paying more money per wash and dry cycle. 

Last year we had $75 allocated to our wash and dry cycles and it cost $2.25 per wash and dry. 

This year we were given $65 and it costs $2.50. That doesn’t seem right to me. 

We did in fact receive new washers and dryers that are more energy efficient, top of the line, can hold more clothes, etc., and those are great advances for our sustainability push, but I’m still paying more money. 

Also, the fact that we can’t use our student cards to do laundry anymore is very frustrating within itself. I know an app can be handy and everyone is on their phone nowadays, but all we had to do was swipe a card. It really wasn’t too hard. Not to mention, what happens if your phone dies? 

Do you just sit around with your smelly clothes until your phone is charged? 

What if you lose or brake your phone, something that many college students do daily. No laundry for you, sorry. Not to mention, we are now unable to purchase laundry cards at the D Den after we run out of the allocated money. 

I used to be able to use declining balance from my flex point meal plan to purchase $22.50 laundry cards when I ran out without using my personal money. 

Now the only option is to add a debit card to the app in order to put more money on my account to complete more wash and dry cycles. However, the problem with that is that many college students, including myself, are broke! 

The pain is really felt for many offseason athletes as well, since most of us have lifts, runs or practices about four times a week so we are constantly doing laundry. 

When will the madness end? Couldn’t tell you, man. I just want to be able to have a full semester of being able to do laundry without spending up the $50 of my own money to wash my clothes.