Ignorance of the Evangelical Right

Mason McIntyre ’22, Guest Columnist

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It is hard to square the political circle that evangelical Christians, on the right, do every day. According to a Pew Research Study, a large majority of classified evangelical groups side with the Republican Party and their agenda. While, in that same study Muslims, Jews and Atheists for the most part heavily align with the Democratic Party and their agenda. Another Pew Research Study looks at white evangelical Christians voting behavior through some recent elections. In 2016 the study shows that 81 percent of white evangelical Christians voted then “businessman” Donald Trump over then former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who only garnered 16 percent of the vote from the same group. This should have been easy to explain, given that this is traditional voting behavior by this group. However, 2016 produced the highest amount of white evangelical support for the Republican Party since 2000, not to mention this is also the lowest white evangelical support for the Democratic Party over that same time. The obvious question is, why does the white evangelical community grant their unwavering support to a president with the moral equivalency of a cockroach? This president embodies no qualities a Christian man should… according to Christians. This is a president who has said things like “Vaginas are landmines”, according to a People Magazine article, because of the possible contraction of STDs and “[The dating game] is my personal Vietnam” Donald Trump said in an interview with Howard Stern, according to People Magazine, back in the 1990s on shows like The Howard Stern Show, which is a show known for its respect for women (that’s a joke). It makes sense that the Narcissist-in-chief has to make up his own personal Vietnam, considering that he dodged the draft, yet feels the need to criticize an American legend and war hero beyond the grave. While we all know that this president has no moral compass, 81 percent of the evangelical right still voted for him. These are the people who claim Trump as a “gift from God.” Trump himself is not a Christian or at least not very good at it. This becomes evident through his mockery of communion as simply “drinking my little wine and eating my little cracker,” according to an article by Politco. Communion is something all Christians hold dear and would hardy describe it as flippantly as the president does. Not only does the president hold communion in little regard but also God’s forgiveness. In an interview Trump said “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t,” Trump told Republican pollster and focus-group guru Frank Luntz, according to an article by Business Insider. This is something all Christians must do. When you do something wrong you must ask God for forgiveness or else you cannot be forgiven. I guess if Trump is a gift from God then the old saying is true. God surely does work in mysterious ways.