Dickinsonians: Get Involved in the Campus March For Our Lives Chapter

By Jacob DeCarli ’22, Associate Managing Editor

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for the news section about students who created a March for Our Lives chapter at Dickinson. During the time of the article, the club was pending student senate approval, but now, I can happily say that the club is approved, and they had their first meeting! The meeting, which took place on Tuesday, April 16, featured a packed crowd of eager first years and sophomores, including myself. 

MFOL serves as an important organization to make people in Congress to listen to the demands of their constituents. The issue of gun violence should not be a partisan issue—people do not want their children to be in danger at school, or themselves in any other public space. MFOL is a bipartisan organization, and they do not endorse political candidates. The organizers of the Dickinson chapter reiterated at the first meeting that anyone of any political beliefs can join.

Since our campus is located 15-20 minutes from Harrisburg, we, as Dickinson students, have a great opportunity to reach our local Congressmembers and lobby for gun legislation and support. Also, we are only an hour and a half from Washington DC, so we have even more of an opportunity for our voices to be heard. 

The Dickinson chapter allows for us students to align in solidarity with the main MFOL organization, along with those who have been impacted by gun violence. At my high school, the administration encouraged us students to not participate in the national walkout that was performed by schools on Mar. 24, 2019. I regret not forming a group to walk out, so I’m glad that I can participate in gun-safety advocacy in college.

Overall, the first MFOL meeting at Dickinson was insightful and exciting. Although the club cannot do much during the last few weeks of the semester, it’s good that they are spreading information about its presence so the student body can be aware of it for next year. 

I encourage students who are tired of our country’s lack of gun-safety legislation to participate in the club. Also, they have lots of free t-shirts and hats to give away!