Pearl’s Picks

Robert Pearl ’20, Guest Columnist

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With NFL picking up, baseball winding down, college football going strong; now is the perfect time to get into sports betting if you are looking to make a few bucks (or a lot hopefully). What inspires me to take the picks I do varies based on a lot of things. My mood, the weather, but especially twitter. With that said I have four picks for you this week so hopefully we start off strong. 


The lines this week are looking crazy with huge underdogs being all over the board. With that said I see a lot of potential and you know what they say. With potential comes profit. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: plus one and a half – The Jaguars are currently underdogs at home against the Titans for this Thursday night match up. I don’t know what world we are living in where Marcus Mariota is ever the favorite during a football game. In case you haven’t heard but Gardner Minshew is the new quarterback for the Jags and boy is he crazy. I mean he lifts weights in just a jock strap. Anybody that does that is obviously confident and that’s all you need as a backup quarterback that’s thrust in the starting roll. Take the points and you should be smooth sailing.

New York Giants: plus six and a half – Daniel Jones is now the new quarterback for the Giants and it’s about time. If I had to see Eli Manning check down to Saquon Barkley one more time I think I would have just given up on the Giants forever (and for those that believe Eli should still be starting, relax you guys aren’t going to win more than four games anyway). Daniel Jones is the future for this organization and what better way to start his career than against a Buccaneers defense that only looks good because Cam Newton couldn’t throw the ball more than 15 yards without it detaching. Remember Daniel, good teams win, great teams cover. 

LA Rams – Three – The Los Angeles Rams travel to Cleveland to face the “hot” Browns coming off of their first win of the season. The Browns looked good last time they played on Monday night except for one thing. THEY PLAYED THE JETS! The Jets have to be one of the worst run organizations in football (Ya ya ya I am a Dolphins fan and we won’t win a game till next year it looks like but whatever). The Rams still have one of the best offenses in football even though Todd Gurley is on load management. This Browns defense let up 43 (43!!!!) to the Titans (!!!) in week 1. Give me the Rams all day here. I do not expect this to be close. 


I am so glad that college football is back! Times are just better when unpaid athletes hurl themselves against each other for the profit of others! With that said I actually like a lot of the lines for this week so let’s dig in!

Northwestern: plus nine and a half – I think this pick is almost too easy. Michigan State’s offense is looking for answers right now as they only put up seven points last week against a ranked Arizona State team that hadn’t beaten anybody noteworthy yet this year (sorry Kent State and Sacramento State). Northwestern has a sneaky good defense and starting quarterback Hunter Johnson obviously has talent considering he was playing with Clemson for a bit. I believe Northwestern’s defense holds strong at home and that the wildcats see this week as a statement on their season. I don’t know if they win, but this team has too much pride to not cover.

Those are my picks for this week. Hopefully we are all rich at the end of this week and nobody is calling for my head saying they can’t afford Dickinson next semester. Only other advice I have to say is if my picks are wrong it wasn’t me. It was the teams themselves. 

Signing off, 

Parlay Pearl