Common Hour is Lit: A Response to “Today’s Hot Take: Common Hour”

Kevin Ssonko ’20, Opinion Columnist

There was some real trash talk against common hour last issue. So I figured I would come in here and speak some straight facts to all the haters on common hour out there. No cap, there isn’t a more lit hour in the entire Dickinson weekly schedule than common hour. Think about it like this, you walk out of a 10:30 and it’s almost noon. What are you thinking? I know what you are thinking, you are wishing all your friends were free right at that moment. Well guess what, with common hour, they are. 

Now I know everyone out there likes Disney World. Well if you ever want to have a taste of the Disney World experience, just walk into the caf during common hour. Legit, it’s gotta be like a 45-minute wait time in those lines for the main entre. Just like Disney World, you gotta wait for a good minute before you get at the good stuff. Need any more evidence it’s like Disney World, just think about when people jump to the under-used line in the main entre line division, it’s like the Dickinson version of a fast-pass. I swear, you just can’t beat it. 

You wanna know what else makes common hour lit, the programming. Now I know everyone has an opinion on the high levels of programming at Dickinson. But common hour if you are gonna have some free time, why not fill it with something that makes Dickinson better. From the Landis events, to the occasional Greek life events, to even the career center gigs. Common hour is that time on a Tuesday or Thursday where it can just happen. And when I say it can happen, I mean all of it. 

If I had a metaphor for common hour it would be a Chipotle reference. Cause, in my opinion, common hour is the double chicken double steak burrito of Dickinson college. No matter who you are and no matter what you are doing, common hour is that time once a week where we all get together and say, why don’t we just pop off together one time for the one time. Literally everyone that you know is out there somewhere in the HUB, probably in the caf, and we are all just in a collective state of poppin off. Often I get asked by students under the age of 21, what the bars are like when they are at their most lit. And without fail, I always say, “They are kinda like common hour in the HUB, but not quite as turnt.” Now I understand that there are some detractors out there. People who say, “No, I don’t like common hour”. But to them, I just have to say, you are missing out. If home is where the heart is, then common hour is where the heart goes to party. Few times do I step into a period of my day where I feel so at one with the flows of nature. 

Listen at the end of the day, keepin’ it a buck, common hour can be a tough time. But you know what else, a wise man once said, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”, and during common hour you just can’t lose. You can’t lose on food, you can’t lose on programming, you can’t lose on community. So in that spirit, I can’t wait to pop off at the next common hour one time for the culture.