Food for Thought

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Guest Columnist

When I first came back to Dickinson this school year, I was thoroughly excited to come back to
all of my friends and catching up with them and their summer experiences. However, I think the
thing I was most excited about was returning to the Quarry.
I had worked there my freshman year and although there were times that were horrible (such as
working the common hour lunch rush), there were moments I remember fondly. The wonderful
staff that’s there add a homey feeling to the establishment as well as the wonderful selection of
food. Besides the sushi, my usual was either a grilled cheese or a falafel pita. I couldn’t wait to
go back and experience it all again, except this time I wouldn’t be working there.
Then, when I entered the Quarry, I was smacked in the face with a huge change. They had
completely altered the menu. A bunch of my favorites were gone, including the iconic grilled
cheese and falafel pita that had seemed fairly popular among Dickinson students. The pretzels
had remained intact, but everything else that made the Quarry so unique had almost been wiped
Yes, there have been additions of some healthier options, such as a lettuce wrap, but the menu
seemed less appealing to me. Although I am finding new options, I find myself going there less
and less unless it’s for sushi between classes or a quick grab of tea and a pastry before a
morning class.
Another thing I have realized had changed was the sudden extinction of the student sandwich
feature at the Quarry. I was lucky enough to have one featured there the beginning of last
semester and I think it really helped in having the students have a choice in what they want from
dining on campus. Now, removing that feels like a hole has been left in the heart of the Quarry.
Deep down I still love the Quarry. It’s a great study space. The staff will always welcome you
with open arms and you will even build relationships with them as I have. Now though, the
change in food selection has limited what students can get and, as a result, has seemingly made it
less appealing.