Pearl’s Picks

Robert Pearl ’20, Opinion Columnist

This was a truly great weekend of football. I was watching games and couldn’t stop thinking about how
blessed we all are for this amazing sport we call football. 3-1 on the week means we are back on track
for the season bringing our total to 9-7. There is something about the board this week that I am loving. I
think that maybe it has to do with the fact that I there are a lot of good teams that just aren’t getting the
respect they deserve. Maybe it has to do with the fact that after last weeks Lucifer themed picks I feel
cleansed and can truly see the board clearly now. Hopefully that is the case and I’m really feeling it this
week. Time to go on a heater boys and girls.
NFL Games:
Kansas City Chiefs -3 – The Chiefs are in the midst of a rough patch right now after dropping two gams
in a row to the Colts and the Texans. Patrick Mahomes is hobbled with an ankle injury that looks to be
impacting his mobility slightly. The Broncos on the other hand are riding a 2 game win streak after
beating the Chargers and Titans. The return of Tyreek Hill this week did show how much of a game
changer he is when healthy and I don’t believe that the Broncos have the men to shut him down. This is
especially true with Chris Harris Jr. being place on IR. Mahomes can still win the MVP this season with a
strong second half of the season and that starts wit beating the Broncos by more than three Thursday
Houston Texans +1 – Deshaun Watson is dangerous. He is a legitimate MVP candidate and has this
Texans team looking for more against their division rival Indianapolis Colts. Already beating the Chiefs
earlier in the year the Texans are looking to show they are one of the upper echelon teams in the
league. The Colts have looked good with Jacoby Brisset at QB this year yet they still are facing
inconsistencies. This is the Deshaun Watson’s takeover the division game to show they are a top flight
Los Angeles Rams -3 – The Rams are reeling right now. They have dropped three games in a row and
Jared Goff is looking questionable at best. Todd Gurley didn’t even play last game. The only reason I am
taking the Rams is because the Atlanta Falcons look awful. They are one and five on the year and are
looking desperate. This defense isn’t stopping anybody and this is exactly the kind of game Sean McVay
needs to get his offense back on track. Expect a much needed big game out of Goff this week.
Jacksonville Jaguars -3 – The Jaguars lost last week after a rough offensive showing. Gardner Minshew
didn’t look great and the offense as a whole put up six points. That being said. The Bengals. Are awful.
Like maybe worse than the Dolphins. They have yet to win a game this year which bodes well for the
Jags. If Jalen Ramsey plays that would be a huge boost for this Jaguars defense as well. I think this will be
a game that the Jaguars use to determine if Gardner really has it. If he can’t do well against one of the
worst teams in the league… well maybe it’s time to start wondering if he was just a flash in the pan.