Pearl’s Picks: Week Nine

Robert Pearl ’20, Opinion Columnist

Let’s do some quick math before the start of the picks this week. We just passed the halfway point of the season which means we have 9 more weeks of regular season football. So far this season our totals are 12 and eight total and 12 and six NFL picks. For those of you keeping track of home if you are taking all of my picks you are currently up about $400. If you are taking just NFL picks you are up $600! This extra money could be used for so many positive things in your life including get a new wardrobe. Maybe you’ll finally pay off your Dickinson parking tickets. Maybe if you’re really feeling yourself you’ll up your units per bets! Regardless its winners from here on out so let’s take some of that money and reinvest to make more money. Economics my friends. The holidays are right around the corner and mama needs a new pair of shoes!

NFL Picks:

San Francisco 49ers minus nine and a half – The 49ers are one of the best teams in the NFL. There I said it. Their defense is gross and Nick Bosa is playing like a true kid from Broward County. I’m talking about not only Rookie Defensive Player of the Year. I’m talking Defensive Player of the Year. The offense is looking potent as well. Playing the Cardinals in Arizona shouldn’t be a problem considering the 49ers have been feasting off of below average teams. Maybe in a year or two this division rivalry will be a little closer but that will not be this Sunday.

Houston Texans minus one and a half – Deshaun Watson is playing MVP level football right now. Without his heroics there is no way the Texans are competitive in a couple of their games this year. The injury to JJ Watt does hurt for sure and I believe that is why the line is as close as it is. The Jaguars haven’t played a quarterback as good as Deshaun Watson since week two of the regular season (it was Deshaun Watson). Regardless though I think this is a close game that is decided by a field goal in the fourth quarter. 

Green Bay Packers minus three – The Packers play the Chargers this weekend and it will not be close. The Chargers won last weekend because the Bears missed a kick at the last second (shocker!) and it was their first win since week four over the pitiful Dolphins. Aaron Rodgers is reminding us weekly that he should be in the conversation with best pure passers in the game and this Chargers secondary has not looked great all year. That doesn’t sound like a formula for success if you’re the Chargers. The Packers actually have a ground game going too and the defense is playing about as well as they need to play every week. This game will only be close if LaDainian Tomlinson and Phillip Rivers step out of a time machine set back to 2006 which feels like the last year the Chargers actually lived up to preseason potential. 

College Football Picks

Vanderbilt plus 16 – I will be honest with you when I write this column weekly. I have not seen a single Vanderbilt game this year. The only game I saw South Carolina play this year was their win against Georgia. That being said I know that anything can happen on any given Saturday (or Sunday for that matter). I have a feeling that the line I skewed heavily in South Carolina’s favor because people will remember the Georgia game and they think South Carolina is going to show the SEC that they are on the come up in the next couple years. This might be the case too. Only problem is that its still this year and last week South Carolina lost to Tennessee by 20 who is arguably one of the worst SEC teams we have seen in a while. Vanderbilt should keep this game within two scores at a minimum and I feel they might even outright win.