Pearl’s Picks: Week 10

Robert Pearl ’20, Opinion Columnist

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I went one and three this past week. Horrible. Inexcusable. You all deserve better. When Adam Vinatieri shanked that field goal to win (and cover) Sunday it was like someone reached in my chest and pulled my heart out. It was a perfect synopsis of my betting as a whole last week. So close yet so far away. I am also announcing that I am no longer doing college football picks (unless its guaranteed money $$$) due to my zero and three record on the year with written down picks. I can feel that the tides are going to turn in our favor this week though with a couple lines I really enjoy. With an overall record of 13-11 (13-eight NFL) we are still in a good position to grow our bank accounts over the course of the remainder of the year. Now on to the picks.

Buffalo Bills plus three – The Buffalo Bills play the Cleveland Browns in a game that literally only matters in Buffalo and Cleveland this weekend. The Browns are awful and I don’t think head coach Freddie Kitchens is going to be around much longer to see how bad the Browns will finish. Quarterback Baker Mayfield is playing just plain bad and this looks like a team that is going to just collapse from the inside out this year. The Bills on the other hand are surprisingly good this year with a strong rushing attack and Josh Allen not turning the ball over every other possession like his rookie year. The Bills have only beaten bad teams though which means their season forecast may not be as bright the rest of the way. However, the Browns are a bad team and I fully expect the Bills to not only cover but win.

Los Angeles Rams minus three and a half – The Rams play the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. A state where the evenings are getting chillier, the leaves are continuing to fall, and the signs of another dreadful winter are beginning to rear their head. The Steelers are showing their resilience though with Mason Rudolph attempting to lead this team to… something. It’s not the playoffs and it’s not a top five draft pick but it’s something. The Rams on the other hand believe they are still super bowl contenders this year and think that they have a decent shot at making it back this year. Last week Jared Goff had a good game with over 350 yards and two touchdowns and he should be the focal point of the offense this week. The Rams should win this game by at least a full touchdown to prove they are a team capable of succeeding in the playoffs and that is what I expect to see this weekend. 

Minnesota Vikings plus three – The Vikings lost in the final seconds this past weekend to the Chiefs and put up a valiant effort in the process. Kirk Cousins has been playing exceptionally well since his receivers started complaining about how average he was which has been nice to see. Nothing like taking your team to the next level with a little bullying of the most expensive player on the roster. Whatever works though. The adversary this weekend is a Cowboys team that couldn’t fully separate from the Giants Monday night until about halfway through the fourth quarter.  While they do pose a threat they have also shown that they can start slow and flat out lose to teams with much worse records than the Vikings. And no that’s not a shot at Cowboys fans for losing to the Jets. That’s a shot at the Cowboys fans for their team losing to the Jets AND a shot at the Jets fans because they weren’t even a little bit competitive against the Dolphins. THE DOLPHINS!

We have three picks this week that should hopefully set us on the right track again and bring a much more positive mood to next week’s article. Also thinking of including a fan’s pick for next week. If you want your voice heard let us know in the comments. 

Signing off, Parlay Pearl.