Pearl’s Picks: Week 11

Robert Pearl ’20, Guest Columnist

Last week was an interesting one for sure. There were a lot of upsets during the weekend that a lot of people didn’t account for. We got our first push of the year with the Bills losing by exactly three points against the Browns (after their kicker missed not one but two field goals!). We didn’t lose any money this week because everything basically canceled out so we are still looking good on the year with a total record of 14-12-and one (14-9-and one NFL).  Looking ahead we have some good games coming up as well as significant matchups regarding the playoff seeding for a lot of teams. Now is when the unexpected happens but we are going to do our best to walk through the smoke and hopefully come out on the other side with the right picks. 

Houston Texans plus four – This game has everything a football fan loves to see. Two MVP candidates in Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson battling it out to give their teams the edge in the AFC playoff picture. This game should be close from start to finish and should be one of the most exciting games of the year. I like the Texans plus four here due to the fact I think this game will be decided by a last second field goal at the end of a memorable drive led by either of these terrific quarterbacks. Even if you don’t bet on this game I strongly recommend watching it. 

New England Patriots minus three and a half – The Patriots are coming off of a bye week which is never good news for the team they face next. Bill Belichick has a 14-and five record coming off a bye since he’s been in New England (17-10-and one ATS since 2003) and we all know giving the best coach of all time an extra week to prepare for an opponent is never a good idea. The Eagles are in an interesting spot right now where they are very much alive for the playoffs because their division is so bad but they don’t have the look of a team that will make a run during the end of the year. I like the Patriots to simply roll through this game even though it is in Philly. 

Chicago Bears plus six and a half – The Bears are going to LA this week to play the Rams in a battle of disappointing teams with high preseason expectations. The Rams look like a team that is struggling to assert themselves in the passing and running game which is not great when facing a Bears defense that has playmakers at every level. Now be warned Mitch Trubisky is not good. But he can do enough to cover the surprisingly big spread. I like the Bears here to cover and possibly pull off the upset. 

Kansas City Chiefs minus four – The Chiefs lost to the Tennessee Titans last week off of a final drive led by Ryan Tannehill. The Chiefs aren’t looking as unstoppable as they once were before Mahomes hurt his kneecap but that doesn’t effect my decision to take them over the Chargers. The game is in Los Angeles but the home field advantage will be negligible. The Chiefs need to win this game to get back on track as well as establish dominance in their division again. I believe that the Chiefs have too much speed for the Chargers to keep up with and that it is going to be the biggest mismatch we will see Monday night.