Pearl’s Picks XFL Week 4

Robert Pearl ‘20, Opinion Columnist

Hello all out there reading, its been a while since you heard from me as I am currently in the midst in a fight with my bookie not because I owe him money but because I’m not getting any lines on the 40 yard dashes at the combine right now. This column is going to revolve around the XFL week four lines, which is interesting because the league has been unpredictable in the early part of the season. I will do my best to lead everyone to the light and help you guys decide whether you can trust Cardale Jones again or if Los Angels has finally turned the corner.

Los Angeles Wildcats @New York Guardians (plus seven)

Last week the Wildcats garnered their first win of the season in convincing fashion over the highly regarded Defenders. The Wildcats defense surrendered only nine points, by far the lowest of the season, while their offense had an explosion scoring 39. Led by veteran Josh Johnson at quarterback, this offense was clicking on all cylinders from the first snap and did not take their foot off the gas pedal. Hopefully they saved some points for this week as they are seven point favorites in New York, a team that looks like you only need to score a couple touchdowns to beat. I am going to take the Wildcats minus seven in this matchup as I see another strong performance from their defense coming up on the horizon.  

Seattle Dragons @ Saint Louis BattleHawks (minus 12)

Saint Louis has got to be one of the more exciting teams in the entire XFL due to the revelation that Jordan Ta’amu has brought to this team while being a threat with his arm and his legs. The BattleHawks are a team that brings a strong running offense to the table as they possess the ability to control the game clock. Seattle comes with a suspect at best defense as well as an offense that is struggling to produce points. I like the BattleHawks -12 in this matchup and I look to see this offense run wild over this Seattle team. 

Houston Roughnecks @ Dallas Renegades (plus one)

I will give you guys a little tip when it comes to betting on the XFL. Never bet against P.J. Walker. Ever. There is no need to overthink any other part of this bet. Houston is a legit champion contender and they have the ability to score points with the best of them. Going up against a Dallas team that only has wins against the bottom tier teams in the league, this will be a true test to see if Dallas is trying to show that they can compete with the best of them. I am putting the house on Houston minus one this weekend simply due to the fact that P.J. Walker is a winner, and no matter how this game plays out they only need to win by one to push. 

DC Defenders @ Tampa Bay (minus one point five)

TAMPA BAY HAS NOT WON A GAME THIS YEAR! They had not scored an offensive touchdown until last week. And for some reason people think that they should be FAVORITED over a superior DC team that played the absolute worst that they could have played last week. Granted, Cardale Jones needs to play better than 50% completion for 103 yards and four picks! I believe that this will be the game that Cardale gets his groove back and will do whatever the hell he wants to this sorry excuse for a football team in Tampa. Give me DC Defenders plus one point five and I’m pawning everything I own on them except my house because I already put that on Houston.