Why Dickinson Must Cancel Classes On Election Day

Max Shannon '24, Guest Writer

We are less than a month away from the election, and we must demand that President Ensign cancel all classes on election day, November 3rd. This is necessary due to fear and uncertainty concerning mail-in ballots not being delivered on time and the elimination of polling places across the United States. 

Already, in states that have started early voting, we have seen individuals wait nearly 8 hours to vote in certain areas. This decision would not only help students, but faculty and staff too, to exercise their constitutional right to vote safely. Across the country, there are many cities which have seen an elimination of polling stations, most notably Louisville Kentucky, where only one polling place serves an area of approximately 767,000 voters, according to Forbes Magazine. 

With most students at home this semester, it is more important than ever for President Ensign to cancel all classes on election day. While I’m not concerned about being able to cast a vote since I live in a state which has done well with sending out mail-in ballots, there are Dickinson students around the nation who will face the consequences of these complications from late mail-in ballots and limited access to polling stations. It should not be up to our discretion as students, to risk missing an important class or other school obligations to vote.

If Dickinson chooses not to cancel classes, this could greatly complicate voting for so many students, in an election where voting has already become harder. Our ability to vote in one of the most important elections of our lifetime should not be complicated by needing to schedule it around our academic schedule.

I have created a petition calling for Dickinson to halt all classes on election day, thereby freeing up the day for students to vote effectively, no matter where they are. If you agree that this must be done, you can sign here:https://www.change.org/p/25189842/preview?sulstate=guest&lsrappv=control&tag_selected=politics

It is our responsibility as students to push for this critical change, so that we can make our voices heard by mail or at the polls.