Why You Should Follow Congressmen Jeff Jackson on TikTok


Congressman Jeff Jackson

Congressman Jeff Jackson’s TikTok is what every representative’s social media account should look like. He is a Democrat and represents North Carolina’s 14th district. Using TikTok, Jackson catalogs his experience as a freshman representative through an extremely open and honest dialogue with his followers. He discusses almost every issue with a non-partisan lens and refrains from what he calls “outrage politics.” 

Today, it seems like virtually every issue is highly politicized and activates both political bases to attack one another, even amongst issues where parties may agree. Congressman Jackson recognizes this violent dialogue that has overtaken American politics and is taking steps to fight against it through his TikTok videos.

The first video that I saw of Jackson was his TikTok covering the process of being assigned to a committee. While it may seem boring to some, I was interested in the inner workings of our political system that members of Congress often leave behind closed doors. You don’t see this level of transparency even from younger members like AOC, who frequently does Instagram livestreams. Jackson recognizes this ambiguity within American politics and is taking steps to educate his viewers.  

I was initially worried that this was another cringy attempt at a politician trying to capitalize on the trends of the younger generation. But almost immediately, Jackson’s videos felt more genuine. I understood that he was creating these videos for the sole purpose of educating individuals, rather than trying to sell his political character.  

When I first saw him, I was blown away by his openness and honesty as you do not see that very often from members of Congress, sadly. In one of his videos, Jackson discusses how he had a negative preconceived notion about a congressman who is a member of the opposite party. After speaking with this person face-to-face, Jackson admits that they agree on numerous policy positions, and in the TikTok, Jackson commended the representative for their honesty.

This exact situation is extremely common in the real world but is never talked about on channels like CNN and Fox News. Sadly, violent politics is more marketable than policy-based discussion and pursuing common ground. I don’t think Tucker Carlson, for instance, has a financial incentive to have well-mannered, educated debates on policies with members of the opposite party, neither does any political pundit for that matter. 

I wish more politicians would conduct themselves on social media as Congressman Jeff Jackson does. His “fireside chats” are civil, educational and wildly interesting content that does not capitalize on the abrasive state of American politics.