Ultimate Frisbee Will Officially Continue in Spring Despite All Varsity Sports Being Cancelled

Y Deethree ’22, Other Chief Mega Executive Editor

The Centennial Conference has decided to halt all spring sports indefinitely amidst the pandemic, meaning Dickinson’s only sports team that will be competing this year are the Junkyard Turkeys- Dickinson’s elite ultimate frisbee team. 

“It was a tough blow for all athletes at Dickinson, but this is a chance for the real athletes to shine,” said Mary Jane ’21, the women’s team captain.

In order to compete against other local colleges, Junkyard has requested nearly $80,000 be allocated for testing prior to each tournament. The Administration was happy to oblige, noting that while the rest of the student body may only be tested once, it would be worthwhile to let our best sports team represent us throughout Pennsylvania. 

There has been speculation that the decision to let ultimate frisbee occur in the spring was due in part to the fact that Junkyard alumni are more active than any varsity athlete alumni at Dickinson. 

“If there was no season next semester I would withhold any donations to the college. Frisbee shaped my time at Dickinson, or at least what I remember from it,” Buuz Bag ’18 said.

The college has declared that, in regulation with varsity athletics at Dickinson, the team must have a dry season. This was met with much protest from current students and alumni alike. In an effort to create a compromise they decided to forgo drug testing requirements for the semester but have required all players under 21 put an “X” on their hand before attending any tournaments.

“We are looking forward to a great season and can’t wait to represent the incredible athletics department at Dickinson!” said Mary Jane.