Graduation to be Combined With Carlisle Car Show

Because Dickinson loves the town as much as it loves its students, this year the class of 2021 will not be walking down the steps of Old West but instead down High Street, through dozens of antique cars. In an effort to save some money and time, the college has agreed that it would be best to honor the seniors in a different way than previous years, keeping in mind Covid precautions. 

While most students and faculty should have received at least their first dose of the vaccine by graduation, the college has decided to mix together students and dozens of unvaccinated Carlilians that do not wear masks to add an exciting flare to graduation. In addition, all students and car show guests will receive a complimentary red adirondack chair keychain, showing Dickinson’s appreciation for the great financial support everyone provides. Dickinson feels as though this is the best decision to ensure that graduating seniors can still enjoy their senior year but also experience one last Carlisle tradition all at the same time (since most seniors only get around 6 weeks of unrestricted movement on campus).