New Plans for the Quarry: Starbucks

Like other colleges, Dickinson will finally have a Starbucks on campus after years of student requests. As the plans for the Quarry are an ever-changing mystery, rumor around campus is that Denim Coffee will no longer be moving in, but rather a Starbucks. Denim based this decision on the recent popularity and demands of their store in town; they decided to drop out to focus on their priorities there. Denim is a chain with three shops, all located in Pennsylvania: Carlisle, Chambersburg, and Harrisburg. With their attention and capital focused across three stores, Denim has forfeited their location in the Quarry on campus. 

Meanwhile, Dickinson still needs to fulfill the students’ demands for a coffee shop, and with the coffee machines and kitchen in place, it was an easy decision to accommodate Starbucks. In addition, Starbucks has a range of food and beverages on the menu, compared to Denim. Students are excited, as the closest location is over a mile away and is part of the Giant franchise, therefore not taking Starbucks gift cards for rewards. Supporting local coffee shops is great, but no one can beat convenience when it comes to Starbucks. Will Starbucks remain a permanent establishment in the Quarry? Who knows, because students are rarely updated about changes on campus until it is too late! Just like how Starbucks will no longer move into the Quarry within the minute it took to read this article.