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Former Assistant Coach Eric Bologa Returns to Lead Dickinson College’s Track and Field Program

After a four-year hiatus, the Athletics Department of Dickinson College announced the return of former assistant coach Eric Bologa as the newly appointed head coach of the track and field program. 

Bologa attended Shippensburg University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a minor in communication/journalism in 2015. He went on to attend Frostburg State University and earned his Masters of Education in Counseling while also joining the coaching staff during his time at the university. 

Bologa then came to Dickinson, where he was an assistant track and field coach specializing in sprints and hurdles. He assisted in recruiting for the Red Devils before taking up a head coach offer at the University of Scranton. There, he mentored a new team, whose program was only four years old.

When asked why he chose to come back to Dickinson, Bologa said that “Dickinson’s Track and Field Program has so much potential for success in the Centennial Conference and in the NCAA, and it’s just really exciting,” 

“When I was here before, I saw that opportunity for growth. I saw some different ways to get there, and so when I left, it was strange being away and seeing all these people that I coached and recruited at these meets, and so when this job opened up, I was really excited about coming back and continuing what I started last time,” said Bologa.

To foster a successful program, Bologa places significant emphasis on team leadership and a positive environment for his student athletes. “Outside of a talented athlete and a talented student, I’m looking for people who can be leaders on the team, who are excited about the sport, who want to do well, and can motivate all the people around them,” said Bologa.

According to Bologa, a supportive environment is necessary  to help student athletes balance their athletic commitments with other social and academic obligations. “The most important thing is to acknowledge that you’re working with human beings who have a lot going on outside of practice and meets, and that there are a million things going on,” said Bologa. He also said that forming bonds with his athletes helps him to stay in the loop with what’s going on and allows him to be a constant and reliable resource. 

“He is a really great addition to the program. Obviously he has experience with coaching Dickinson and Scranton before, and his experiences as an athlete as well are great for our program,” said Max Collins ’25, a junior on the team. 

Looking to the future, Bologa said that the team has a strong upperclassman group and is confident that those students will lead the team with enthusiasm and strength. However, he admits that the next few years will be a rebuilding period. In the future, Bologa hopes to naturally bring in exceptional athletes, but also make sure they are motivated, hardworking students who will inspire those around them.

Jack Corkum ’24, a senior on the track team, shared Bologa’s enthusiasm for the program and the upcoming season. He said, “I’m excited to be on this team because he is going to turn people into better athletes, rather than just deal with the top talent or the low talent. He will help you in every facet you want as an athlete. This is proven by him already having individual fifteen-minute meetings with each athlete.”

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