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Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer '17
Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer ’17


If you’re bored of eating plain old salads every day or simple cold cut sandwiches, I’d recommend venturing out and trying the wraps of the day. Sometimes they actually sound interesting and turn out to be quite tasty. I wasn’t feeling the typical sandwich and went for the wrap of the day, which was called the ‘California wrap.’ Now, I’m not sure exactly why it was called the ‘California wrap,’ but it was definitely a winner. It contained chopped up grilled chicken, hummus, lettuce and bits of pepper mixed into the hummus. Usually the hummus that the cafeteria serves has almost too much texture. This time, the hummus was much creamier tasted better. I wish they would put out a little platter of this hummus so people could eat it with raw veggies from the salad bar.

The chicken in the sandwich was also a pleasant surprise, since the grilled chicken in wraps is usually rubbery. This time though, the chicken seemed real, and pretty tasty.  It seems like this week things are looking up in the caf – the options look more appetizing and less questionable. I hope this continues, as I was starting to get tired of eating cereal for lunch and dinner.