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There’s nothing better than a simple bowl of mac n’ cheese. The Kove is always a nice option for meals as they serve something a little different than the grill or entrée line. The mac n’ cheese was very satisfying for those cheese lovers out there. The cheese was rich and creamy and the amount of cheese on the pasta was perfect. I’m usually picky when it comes to mac n’ cheese because some that I’ve eaten in the past have globs of melted cheese that overpowers the meal itself. Although the cheese ratio was on point, there seemed to be some sort of watery consistency to the pasta. The cheese by itself wasn’t watery, but when put together with the pasta used for the mac n’ cheese, the consistency changed a bit. The crusted top of the mac n’ cheese helped the watery pasta situation as it added some texture to the meal and was quite flavorful. Despite there being some hints of water in the mac n’ cheese, which could be fixed by draining the pasta some more, it was a pretty decent lunch option.