Straight from the Plate: Caf Food Reviews

There are certain meals that I would only eat in the winter and chili is definitely one of them. This is never a meal option at the grill or in the soup section of the caf, but the Kove has chili on their menu rotation. It was perfect for this cold weather as a hearty nutritious meal. Most beef chilis contain beef, beans, and occasionally tomatoes. This chili was very basic with all the simple chili ingredients. It only had beef and beans in it and the flavor was not very strong. It was warm and filling but I had to add some hot sauce and salt and pepper. Once I added these toppings it spiced the chili up a bit and made it more enjoyable. It was very bland and I’m unsure if there was any flavor to it at all. I did enjoy the texture of the beans and the chili as the beans were cooked just right where they weren’t too mushy. The beef was cooked well but there could have been more seasoning added to it, which would have added more flavoring to the bowl as a whole. But, the cornbread that went with the chili was a great addition and had lots of flavoring. It was sweet and rich in flavor and I enjoyed dipping it into the chili as the hot sauce mixed in with the beef added an enjoyable mix of flavors, as it was sweet, hot, and spicy.