Dorm Spotlight: Caitlin Greely

Photo courtesy of author.

Photo courtesy of author.

Emily Engoran '24, Guest Writer

Caitlin Greely ’24, a current sophomore living in Malcolm Hall, takes pride in the picture wall above her bed in her room. Despite the shoebox, which the college has squeezed her into, Caitlin has managed to make her bedroom her own and represent what matters most to her. 

The first thing to notice on her picture wall is the scattered pins in between the pictures, most of which were gifted to her by her grandfather. Caitlin’s most cherished pin is “A New Beginning to an Old Tradition.” She feels she is the ‘new beginning’ to the ‘old tradition’ of her grandfather’s pin collecting. Another favorite of hers says “Only Visiting This Planet.” The “Talk Dirty to Me” pin is probably my personal favorite, though. 

You also might notice the many pictures featuring tigers. Caitlin hung pictures of tigers as a reminder of the various places around the world that she’s traveled to. The tigers specifically point to Caitlin’s time spent living in New Delhi due to her father’s work. And of course, her picture wall features the one and only, Taylor Swift. The wall is sprinkled with a handful (a handful may be an understatement) of Taylor Swift quotes and album covers, Caitlin’s favorite being from Swift’s album Folklore, “My mind turns your life into folklore.”

Caitlin’s picture wall brings the classic Pinterest college dorm room collage wall to life and is far better than any of my attempts to decorate my room.